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Складчина [Повтор] SmartAdmin - Responsive WebApp Theme (html шаблон)


Всем привет,
нашел вот такую красивую тему:

Обязательно посмотрите демо, влюбитесь в нее ))
На эту тему уже была складчина в 2014 году,
поэтому теперь предлагаю взять самую свежую версию с пожизненными обновлениями!

Что это?
- Админ тема, с набором иконок, стилей, виджетов, плагинов и прочее, которые можно брать и вставлять в любой свой проект.

Что берем:
- html версию, которую проще использовать на любом языке и верстке.

14 вариантов дизайна:

Полное описание получаемого пака с продажника:
What you are getting:
  • One-time payment, lifetime licence
  • Full, Seed & Slim projects – Seed & Slim projects for HTML Flavor
  • Full Documentation – Access to full documentation, advanced usage, color manipulation tutorials, and Tips & Tricks
  • Regular updates – Proven by 5 years of consistent updates based on customer feedback
  • Video tutorials – We provide 'how to' videos on our youtube channel
  • Customer support – Dedicated team is standby to address all your concerns relating to the template
  • Infinite skins – Use our gulp build commands with the combination of SCSS variables to easily produce skins of your desire
  • Layout options – There are over 235 layout variations you can mix and match any layout options without breaking the design elements
  • Theme Modes – Light & Dark Modes layer on top of Skins layer
  • Extensible build tools – The template is built with HBS technology and various state-of-the-art automated gulp scripts to generate local assets in a flash
  • Unique plugins – We have produced several unique plugins catered for this template
  • FontAwesome 5 Pro - We were one of the few backers of Fontawesome Pro and have acquired unique perpetual rights to use FontAwesome Pro 5.0 library to be included within this product
  • Community Support Forum – By purchasing a copy, you become part of a large community base, SmartAdmin was first released in 2014, we have a strong community and many contributors who are always eager to help on our Support Forum.
  • Access to legacy release – Download link to SmartAdmin legacy version with all the flavors (seed and full projects) are included with in this package.
  • Feature Requests – Access for feature requests and voting polls
  • Full RTL support – Full RTL support for all computerate CSS and plugins
Package contents
For more information on the file structure, please refer to our Project Structure Page

  • HTML Full Project
  • HTML Seed Project
  • HTML SLIM Project
  • Ajax Seed (alpha)
  • Start.html
SmartAdmin – an advanced UI Bootstrap 4 Admin and Dashboard – is built for the next generation. Its’ exceptional design contains vast collection of assorted reusable UI components integrated with latest jQuery plugins optimized to suit every modern web application project worldwide.

  • Comes with the latest Bootstrap 4.x UI Toolkit and all its improved features
  • Futuristic design and UI concept
  • Over 35 Layout Variations and 285 Layout Combinations . Mix and match layout options to create endless possibilities
  • Change few variables to generate your Unique Skin
  • Light & Dark Modes that sits on top of your skin layer. Uses state of the art CSS technology to create conceptual visual effects.
  • Layout settings are automatically stored to localStorage. You can also push these settings to your database
  • Documentation, well descriptive codes, and email support are included
  • All bootstrap components have been modified using 'non-destructive' method. You can change every aspect of the theme using variables.
  • The theme also features unique custom components that work flawlessly with bootstrap's core components.
  • All fonts and components uses REM values as opposed vs the PX outdated value. REM values gives you better control over your app's responsive behavior
  • Comes with over 2500 premium Icons. FontAwesome Pro 5, a whopping $35 value, included with your purchase
  • Create your own stack icons with our built-in unique Icon Generator
  • The Table Generator provides you with an option to generate your unique table style.
  • All plugins are detachable. The plugins are separated based on importance and is not hard-coded to its core. Please see Plugins Page for more details.
  • i18n ready. The plugin is lazy-loaded using ajax to pull in any local files.
  • It has a heart and it beats. SmartAdmin comes with its own app.config.js file which can be customize to your fitting.
  • Supports the latest version of Datatables.
  • Added in our very own customized Datatable Alt-Editor
  • Supports all the latest chart plugins available on the market. All our Chart libraries are MIT based: Flot, Chart.js, Chartist.js, C3 Charts, Peity, Sparkline, Easy Pie Chart, and Dygraphs
  • Exclusive SmartPanel plugin lets you drag and drop panel position, change color, change state, refresh panels and a lot more, while utilizing localStorage to save all changes.
  • Many page views, we will update continuously
  • All pages are print friendly
  • Free updates for the life of the theme

Что по деньгам?
- цена $49 = /- 3760, точная сумма будет исправлена на момент сборов

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